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GeoTrust CEO 就收购一事给代理商的公开信

GeoTrust CEO Neal Creighton先生于美国当地时间2006年5月17日下午3点给全球代理商发了一封公开信 电子邮件 ,邮件标题为:来自GeoTrust的重要新闻,邮件中详细解析了此次被收购的意义和给用户和代理商带来的好处,现全文翻译如下:

尊敬的 GeoTrust代理商:

今天, GeoTrust宣布GeoTrust已经与VeriSign签订正式收购协议。作为GeoTrust的CEO,我认为有必要与各位代理商分享我对此次收购的看法和对您来讲将意味着什么。

虽然我们在过去的 5年里一直是竞争对手,但是我们也一直都非常尊重对方及其产品。我们认为:VeriSign作为一个大公司,能为其客户和代理商提供更多的产品和解决方案。

同样, VeriSign敬佩GeoTrust的品牌、产品和代理渠道,并且非常看重其重要价值。由于SSL证书市场还在不断地增长,他们也认识到拥有一个强大的代理渠道来补充其直销能力不足的重要性。


我在此向您保证: VeriSign已经承诺继续支持GeoTrust的销售渠道。VeriSign将继续遵守GeoTrust与代理商签订的代理协议。您将仍然可以继续销售GeoTrust品牌的产品、继续使用GeoTrust提供的API接口,GeoTrust将继续为您提供支持。两家公司的目标是保证平稳过渡,保证您的销售业务不会受到任何影响。

我希望您作为 GeoTrust 的代理商能持续成功,也非常感谢您对我们的成功所做的贡献。您将会收到更多有关此次交易的详细信息,但是,如果您有任何问题,请联系您的客户经理。


Neal Creighton, CEO, GeoTrust


Dear Valued GeoTrust Reseller,

Today, GeoTrust announced it has signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by VeriSign. As the CEO of GeoTrust, I want to share my thoughts on this transaction and let you know what it means for you.

Although we have been competitors in the market for the past five years, we have always respected the company and its products. We recognize that VeriSign, as a much larger company, can provide its customers -- and its resellers -- with a much broader range of products and programs.

Conversely, VeriSign admired GeoTrust's brand, SSL products and its reseller channel, and viewed them as very important attributes. As the market for SSL continues to grow among organizations of all sizes, they recognize that it is important to have a strong reseller channel to complement their direct sales organization.

After careful consideration, our board and management team decided that it made sense for the two companies to merge and leverage our combined strengths to better serve the market.

I want to reassure you that VeriSign is committed to continuing to support the GeoTrust reseller channel. VeriSign will honor all existing GeoTrust reseller contracts. You will continue to be able to buy GeoTrust-branded products, continue to use the API and GeoTrust will continue to support you. Both companies' goal is to ensure a smooth transition with zero interruption to your business.

I want to wish you continued success as a reseller of GeoTrust products and thank you for contributing to our success. You can expect to hear more details as the transaction nears completion, but if you have any immediate questions, please feel free to call your GeoTrust account representative.


Neal Creighton, CEO, GeoTrust