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SSL证书安装指南 - Cobalt Raq 4

To install the certificate in Cobalt Raq4 follow the instructions below:

1. On the Site Management screen, click SSL Settings on the left side. The ?Certificate Subject Information? table appears.

2. Highlight and remove the information currently in the ?Certificate? window.

3. On the Web site or in the email from the external certification authority, highlight and copy the information received.

4. Return to the RaQ 4 browser window and paste the new certificate information that you copied in Step 3 into the ?Certificate? window.

5. Select Use manually entered certificate from the pull-down menu at the bottom.

6. Click Save Changes.

7. Restart the WHOLE server.


Do not choose Delete certificate from the pull-down menu at the bottom. This action deletes your SSL certificate and your private key, and you will then have to purchase a new SSL certificate from the external certification authority.