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Famous websites deployed WoSign SSL certificate to ensure information security

To ensure the security of users’ account information as well as other confidential information and prevent passwords from being stolen, many websites have deployed WoSign SSL certificate, among which are Anhui University of Finance and Economics, Rising Securities, Zhonglu Fund, Anxinbao, China Financial Services Group, Huayu Games, DBSCar, Freely Communication and so on. All these websites and systems have successfully deployed WoSign OV ZhenSSL certificates. Their security level has reached the level of online banking, which can make the system provide better online services for users and secure user account.

Responsible officers from these companies said that they have always considered the security of user accounts as the priority and applied many technologies to protect the reliability and security of the system. The reason that they didn’t choose foreign SSL certificate brand was because of their 24/7 working system. SSL certificate providers must be able to provide timely technical support (if needed). Local SSL certificate brands have the advantage that foreign brands cannot compare with. Because of the time difference, the quickest response time will be at least 12 hours. WoSign SSL certificate supports all browsers just like foreign brands. Besides, the certificate also support full Chinese company name, which can be understood by all the users. They are very glad to cooperate with the leading Chinese certificate provider to ensure the security of confidential information of their system.

WoSign hereby sincerely thank all the companies for your trust. We will make every effort to serve our users. WoSign SSL certificate has been deployed widely in different systems like China Union Pay, China Mobile, China Telecom, Dangdang.com, Sunning.com, Qihu360 and MySpace. Our technology, performance and service have been long-tested and are trustful. We hope internet companies can deploy WoSign SSL certificate to secure user information, together promote the development of China’s e-commerce industry security and provide secured online services for netizens.