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OV ZhenSSL is a high assurance, organization validation OV SSL certificate issued by WoSign, "Zhen" means "True".

The ZhenSSL Certificate offers comprehensive authentication procedures (domain name and identity verification). It support 128 bit, 256bit encryption. This ensures that information is kept private while in transit between your web server and your clients' web browsers.

Case Study: pingan.com, cpic.com, DangDang.com

Features and Benefits:

Encryption: Up to 256-bit encryption enabled
Browser Compatibility: Trusted in more than 99% of all browsers
Certificate Details: Domain and identity authentication and verification
free two domains support: One certificate support "with and without www." for FREE
Wildcard Support: Support unlimited subdomain: *.domain.com
MDC Support: Support multi-domain in SAN, 3-100 different domains, this feature can be used for Microsoft Exchange 2007 and Office Communications Server 2007.
Trusted Site Seal: Yes - free (available in English and Chinese)
Root CA (2048bit): Certification Authority of WoSign -- WoSign Class 3 OV Server CA (SHA1)  Certification Authority of WoSign -- WoSign Class 3 OV Server CA G2 (SHA2)

Free Reissues: Yes - unlimited for the lifespan of the certificate
Technical Support: Free, 5*8 multi-lingual for all global time zones
IDN support Yes:
Subject Languages Certificates subject support worldwide popular non-English system languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic etc.
Time to Issuance: 10 minutes
CRL: Yes
Test Website https://www.wosign.com/English/test/ov.htm
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