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OTP Token (uOTP-2)

uOTP-2 OTP token is a small key-chain like hardware authenticator which offers user real mobility and flexibility. By simply pressing the button, uOTP-2 generates and displays a secure one-time password every 60 seconds (and optional 30 seconds), ensuring proper identification and allowing only authenticated user with authorized access to critical applications and sensitive data. uOTP-2 complies with the IETF draft of time-based authentication methods, which was submitted by OATH to provide compatibility with third-party software.

uOTP-2 token provides the most cost-effective two-factor authentication for enterprises to manage secure access to information in the global market.

Key Features


On-Board Security Algorithm OATH TOTP Time-based
Component Built-in Button
6-8 Character LCD Screen
Globally Unique Serial Number
Hardware Certification RoHS Compliant
Operating Temperature -10°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to 70°C
Water Resistance Certificate IP68 (Ingress Protection)
Casing Hard Molded Plastic (ABS)
Tamper Evident
Secure Storage Medium Static Random Access Memory (RAM)
Battery Type Standard Lithium Battery
Battery Lifetime 3-5 Years
Available Customization* Casing Color
Customer Logo
Faceplate Branding
* All customizations are quantity based

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