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WoSignCode.exe(Code Signing Tool)

WoSignCode is a Code Signing Tool that independently developed by WoSign CA. This is a free tool offered as a convenient way to digitally sign code. Formerly, signing your software with a code signing certificate was an arcane and time-consuming process. WoSignCode turns this process into a smooth and easy procedure. Simply open the WoSignCode, choose the file you want to sign and your code signing certificate, and click a button.

WoSignCode is available to automate application signing, sign one application with SHA1&SHA2 Certificate simultaneously, and provides friendly User Interface to help you signing code easily.

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Features and Benefits

Get a code signing certificate

In order to solve the problem of incompatibility among Windows operating systems of different versions, WoSign has launched Double-Certificate service for Code Signing Certificate. It means when you buy one Code Signing Certificate, we can issue two for you, and one of it is free.

With “Double-Certificate Service” and “Double-Certificate Signing Tool”, you can easily make your software compatible with all the different versions of Windows operating system.

Microsoft recommended users to buy WoSign EV Code Signing Certificate and Standard Code Signing Certificate in Windows Hardware Dev Center.

Screenshots of WoSignCode

wosigncode_interface_1 wosigncode_interface_2