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Testimonials from Customer

WoSign start to resell agent digital certificates to China market at 2004, and launched our own brand - WoSign digital certificates at October 2006. We got much high praise from customer for WoSign's best service and technical support. Here is some of the written and verbal praise:

•  Pinganl Bank

“Our online banking system need a lot of testing before the formal launch, WoSign provided the best technical support for our SSL certificate testing that no other CA can provide. WoSign not only provide the best product - SGC ZhenSSL that same as VeriSign's SSL certificate that support Server-Gated Cryptography (SGC) technology, but also provide the excellent local technical support, especially, WoSign certificate support Chinese bank name in certificate that will greatly benefit for online bank user that don't understand English. I wanted to thank you for the great service you guys provided, thanks. ”


“ I sincerely appreciate the value received by the use of your certificate in Pingan Bank project, so we decide to relying on your company's certificates for all projects. ”

•  Dangdang.com (Nasdaq: DANG)

“We choose WoSign, not XXXXSign, because we like your best local service and the certificate subject support company name in Chinese. Not only do you have the best products available, your service team's excellence is unapproachable.”

•  China Mobile

“You guys always have great customer support. WoSign is the most customer-oriented company I have ever seen!  Keep up the great work ”

•  China Telecom

“ I am positively surprised, your support is sensational. I have never had contact to a support team which answered so fast and helpfully like the WoSign customer service team."


•  Lenovo

“ Thanks for your help. Your customer service has always been top-notch. ”

•  DigtialChina

“We want to use Microsoft ClickOnce technology, so need to sign XML file, WoSign code signing certificate not only meet our request, but also help to find our one bug in ClickOnce system. Your customer service was outstanding. Thanks again. ”

•  Changjiang Securities

“Thank you  very much for your swift and very professional support.  I  wish more companies in China give the same service and speed as we  have been receiving from WoSign. I will be sure to advise all my  clients needing SSL Certificates to get them thru Digicert."


•  MySpace

“ Excellent customer service certainly adds one more reason for me to keep buying from you guys. You guys have great service.”

•  Hanwang Technology

“ I want to complement you for the excellent service and good product your company offers and the great price as well. Usually when the price is good, then the service is bad, but in your case both are great! ”