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PKI for Enterprice Full Managed Certificate Services

WoSign PKI for Enterprise (EPKI) service is the Certificate Brand Names created and designed by WoSign for its EPKI clients.

WoSign solely operate, maintain and control the entire certificate lifecycle process, including designated EPKI Subordinate CA Certificates key generation, daily maintenance and revocation, including subscriber certificate application, information authentication & validation, issuance, renewal and revocation. WoSign EPKI clients could submit certificate request to WoSign requesting subscriber certificates such as SSL certificates, secure email certificates or code signing certificates to be issued under their own designated EPKI Subordinate CA Certificates, upon the completion of all necessary subscriber information authentication and validation procedures performed by WoSign.

Fully-Managed Certificate Service

EPKI is designed for enterprises who honor its own brand, but don’t like to setup its own PKI system.

We offer EPKI because we know that certificate lifecycle management is complex but important to business.

Delivering Secure Access, Secure Certificate Application

EPKI service provide two- factor authentication to let enterprise manage its all kind of certificate management including SSL certificate, code signing certificate and client certificate. A fully-managed service, it addresses the inherent security risks typically associated with simple password schemes, open email communications and hardware-based authentication solutions without any expensive hardware, infrastructure or set-up costs. EPKI provides a fast and easy way for enterprises to credential users and to deliver these certificate electronically.

Web Services and application. Pressure to streamline business processes and decrease operational costs are forcing enterprises to reconsider the way they do business online. EPKI service can provide the critical security that enterprises need for the all of the parties involved in vendor/partner transactions, including supply chain management, paperless transactions, and other applications over the internet that require fast, secure, and reliable methods to be in place.

How It Works

Certificate management is rapidly becoming the single biggest enterprise security chore. In response, EPKI provides a centralized, web-based administration tool for reviewing, revising and revoking digital certificates. This service also allows administrators to manage certificate content, specify authentication methods, and control lifecycle processes. Advanced recording and reporting features make it easy to monitor certificate activity.


The ongoing maintenance of digital certificates can be easily managed through the EPKI management interface. The administrator may, at any time, review or revoke certificates.


A flexible search engine allows the user to build result sets based on certificate attributes, location or other sorting criteria. The subsequent reports may be either summary or detailed. Comprehensive reports can generated to review the enrollment status of registrations or the current status of all issued certificates.