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Microsoft globally issued WoSign root certificate

Microsoft issued the update patch for root certificates trusted by Windows early this morning, including two root certificates which WoSign owns full intellectual property rights and proprietorship, Certification Authority of WoSign (English root certificate) and CA WoSign root certificate (Chinese root certificate) as shown below. If your computer didn't install this patch automatically, please visit the official website of Microsoft to download and install.

WoSign root certificate

WoSign Chinese root certificate is the only Chinese root certificate owned by Chinese enterprise independently in the world. It marks the fact that domestic technology level of PKI/CA system which supports Chinese has reached international advanced level. Just like Chinese domain name, the preset of Chinese root certificate globally is a milestone of Chinese internet and information security industry. The picture of domestic internet security being dominated by foreign CA will be changed from the root.

It is worth mentioning that the timing of issuing WoSign root certificates this time is very important for Microsoft will stop issuing patches of Windows XP from April 8. WoSign has seized the opportunity after all these years of hard work. WoSign Chinese root certificate will be the last root certificate, as well as the only Chinese root certificate, preset in global users' computers of Windows XP system. There will be no more new root certificates being preset in Windows XP.

WoSign has started the project of dragon root as early as 2009 with the aim of completing the domestic Chinese root certificate that we own full intellectual property rights and proprietorship and can meet with international standards; so that the monopoly of foreign CA in domestic market will be ended. WoSign certificate products can provide security for our information internet.

After years of hard work, WoSign has become a leading CA with advanced technology and great market share. We are the only domestic commercial CA that supports all browsers and operating systems, the member of international CA/Browser industry alliance. We are the only global CA owns the Chinese root certificate that supports XP operating system.

We all know that it is the bounden duty for WoSign to protect the information security of internet users. This huge sense of responsibility has driven us to pursue for excellence and strengthen our quality. In the field of national internet information security, WoSign has done and will do more historical contributions and we are proud of it.