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Install 360 for enterprise; get 70% off discount of WoSign digital certificate and free SSL certificate

In recent years, online shopping, banking, transaction and instant messaging have become the indispensable internet application services in our daily life. Internet development has brought more and more chances to enterprises. But it brings about troubles as well.

Unceasing website leaks, customer privacy exposed

Many well-known large-scale websites have been leaked and caused hundreds of millions of usernames, passwords and private information of users being exposed, which brought financial losses to online trading users.

Sustainable growth of internet phishing scams

Internet phishing scam shows an increasing trend with year-on-year growth of 180.9% of newly increased phishing sites in 2013, displacing Trojan virus as the greatest threat of Chinese internet security. Phishing sites, emails and links induce users to conduct online payments. Being faked by phishing site, enterprise website suffers financial loss and image damage.

Aiming at the problems of security and trust faced by websites, WoSign CA and the biggest domestic security manufacturer 360 jointly introduce special offers. You can get 70% off coupons of WoSign SSL and code signing certificates if install 360 for enterprise. When you successfully collect the coupons, unlimited basic SSL certificates and email encryption certificates will be given out for free.

Activity time: April 8 to 16, 2014

SSL certificate --- provide data transmission encryption and website trusted authentication for enterprise website.

Code signing certificate --- digitally sign software code issued by enterprise. When user downloads the software, they can verify that if the software has been tampered illegally through digital signature.

Email encryption certificate --- used to encrypt email content and prevent it from being leaked; digitally sign email and confirm that the sender is authentic and content is not illegally tampered.

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WoSign CA Limited was founded in 2002 with license issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and has passed international certification.

Started from being agent of foreign CA products and then developed top root certificate independently, WoSign has become the first global CA that owns the certificate supports both Chinese name and Chinese domain. The market share of WoSign SSL certificates and code signing certificates is over 50%.