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Participating in outward bound, promoting team cooperation

A piece of iron can either rust or be toughened and hardened into steel. Likewise, a team can accomplish nothing though seemingly always on the run or have a brilliant future. In order to build a strong team and promote cooperation, all staff of WoSign (except for personnel on duty) gathered in the Rose Coast and participated in the outward bound on May 25, 2014.

During the training, five teams competed fiercely with each other, completing several training programs of Ice-breaking, Passionate 99 seconds, Through the swamp and Through the devil wall. This time's outward bound aims at building mutual trust and promoting team communication and cooperation. After each program, the coach would give specific comments to achieve the aim of self-challenge. Every team members has shown good state of mind and participated in the activities with the attitude of being serious and conscientious.

After this outward bound, our will power has increased; the potential and consciousness of innovation have been stimulated, our senses of group honor and responsibility have been promoted. All the cooperation and communication in this outward bound helped us get to know each other better. The enhanced team cohesiveness inspired everyone to make every effort to promote the development of our company.