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WoSign digital certificate helps secure cloud platform

On July 5, 2014, held by internet start-ups, the salon themed cloud platform powers internet start-ups was successfully held in Shenzhen 3W café. This event was jointly organized by 360 Security, Sina cloud computing and WoSign CA Limited.

WoSign CTO Wang Gaohua, director of 360 website guard, Hu Zhenyong, product manager of 360 website security detection, Chang You and development principal of Sina cloud computing Zhu Mingming have addressed speeches in this salon, who are respectively the leader of WoSign CA, 360 and Sina. Their speeches were titled of the era of cloud · start-up and answered a lot of doubts of the participants. WoSign CTO Wang Gaohua gave a speech titled Build secure cloud platform using PKI technology and shared experience with start-ups of how to realize the security of cloud platform during its rapid development.

WoSign digital certificate

The era of cloud is an era of convenience, but it's also an era of risks. Many entrepreneurs are like Pollyanna when use cloud platform. This can lead to the websites being hacked or data being stolen. The process of starting a business is hard enough, not to mention all the problems caused by internet security. Entrepreneurs are exhausted both mentally and physically and they have to declare the failure of their entrepreneurship.

All these lessons still come clearly into our view and tell us about the importance of internet security. Mr. Wang Gaohua shared WoSign solutions of cloud service based on PKI technology. He proposed that all communication and files in the cloud should be encrypted; we should use client certificate to realize strong authentication when log onto cloud service; we should use dependable computing EK certificate to realize encryption and signature of system files. Only under these methods, security and reliability of cloud computing are guaranteed. The PKI cloud service provided by WoSign CA will make it unnecessary for users neither to purchase expensive PKI system nor to equip with professional PKI technical personnel. You can issue globally trusted certificates through a Web management interface. It also provides free certificates of foundation class and API interface services for internet entrepreneurs. This undoubtedly brings great convenience and resources to these entrepreneurs. After the speech, entrepreneurs asked about the usage and background of digital certificates, WoSign CTO Wang Gaohua answered all of their questions one by one. All the entrepreneurs benefited from it a lot.

WoSign digital certificate