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SSL certificate will become the new profit-growth point of IDC

WoSign CA officially announced to establish the strategic cooperative partnership with Chinese leading IDC facilitator, Gainet, on August 8 to provide one package service for users of domain registration, server co-location/virtual server and SSL certificate, creating a new business model together.

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The competition of IDC industry is getting fiercer nowadays and new profit-growth point must be found out. The traditional business model can no longer meet the developing needs of customers. SSL certificates are needed to help gain trust of customers and protect their privacy. From the global market, top ten domain registrars and IDC are providing SSL certificates. Customers who buy SSL certificates are the same ones of domain registration and server co-location/virtual server. However, domestic IDC do not provide SSL certificate application and installation service at present. The cooperation between WoSign and Gainet builds a new business model of the integration of traditional IDC business and SSL certificate business, which solves the problems of other facilitator of virtual server or server co-location not providing SSL certificate application and installation service.

WoSign CEO, Mr. Wang Gaohua, said that WoSign will strongly support Gainet and provide impeccable API interface. Helping partner to success is always the incumbent responsibility and obligation of WoSign.

Responsible officer of Gainet said that they are optimistic about the competitive advantage of WoSign SSL certificate products, which can also improve their product line and promote competitiveness. On the occasion of tenth anniversary of Gainet, they will launch the activity to promote the one package service to customers.

The cooperation between Gainet and WoSign, which creates new profit-growth point, launches at the time of tenth anniversary. We wish Gainet achieve new success in the future!