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WoSign successfully organized CA Browser Forum Beijing working conference

International organization CA/Browser Forum 2014 work conference in fall will be held in China World Hotel Beijing during September 16 to 18. Hosted by WoSign, this conference achieved complete success and has received high evaluation from participating experts and scholars.

There are following highlights of this conference:

3 mainstream browser, Microsoft (IE), Mozilla (Firefox) and Google (Chrome) issued the latest updating techniques. Most importantly, they issued the latest timetable of stopping using SHA1 signature algorithm, which will pose great influence on about 3 million domestic users' computers that do not support SHA2 signature algorithm. These users may not be able to conduct any online payment operation;

Several international standards including EV certificate and requirements of security insurance have been revised;

Standard text draft of CP/CPS specification has been drawn, as well as the specifications of basic requirements of code signing certificate;

Based on the idea of establishing globally-unified blacklist database of malicious code signature proposed by the CTO of our company, Mr. Wang Gaohua, the conference decided to establish working group on information sharing to draw the sharing mechanism between CA and browsers, in respond to the increasingly severe threat of internet security;

Mr. Wang Gaohua also introduced the current situation of domestic crypto algorithm SM2 and presented the only SSL certificate in the world that has already been issued with domestic crypto algorithm.

This organization in which WoSign joined last July sets international standards of CA. 30 participants including Microsoft, Mozilla, Webtrust, mainstream CA (Symantec/ VeriSign, Entrust, Digicert, Comodo and GlobalSign) and CA from Taiwan and Chunghwa Telecom attended this conference.

Note: contents above are for reference only, subject to the meeting minutes published on the official web of CAB Forum.