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WoSign attended 2014 Conference on Identification, Certification and Authentication

Conference on Identification, Certification and Authentication, CICA 2014 was held in the international convention center of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Yanqi Lake campus) during November 16 to 17. This conference is co-sponsored by certification and authentication committee of Chinese Association for Cryptologic Research and authentication and authorization working group of national information security standardized technology committee, presented by University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The conference aimed at setting up a platform to conduct academic and technological exchange for associated personnel in the field of certification and authentication. They can exchange the newest research achievements in this field, share experiences of management and discuss innovative business pattern. It provided a display platform for new technology, method and product.

WoSign was invited to this conference. Mr. Wang Gaohua delivered a speech titled Research on Application of Domestic Cryptographic Algorithm SM2 upon Server Certificate, making public for the first time the fact that WoSign has been able to issue globally trusted SSL certificate using SM2 algorithm.

Although SM2 algorithm is not yet an international standard, it is widely applied in client certificate and VPN devices. In the field of server certificate, however, present root certificates trusted globally all apply RSA or ECC encryption algorithm. So SM2 root certificate link cannot be directly applied to issue globally trusted SSL certificate. After our company got the CA license of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in March, we already organized technical team to tackle key problems and realized SSL certificate issuance of SM2 encryption algorithm under globally trusted root at the end of July, which made domestic cryptographic algorithm reach practical level in server certificate.

In this conference, Mr. Wang Gaohua shared solutions WoSign applied with participating CA representatives and experts, which is to use mixed algorithm. This solves both the problems of trust of certificate link and application of domestic cryptographic algorithm between user and server. It brings down the technical barrier of the application in server certificate of domestic SM2 encryption algorithm. Mr. Wang Gaohua presented in the conference the issued SM2 SSL certificate and said would next cooperate with domestic browser to support SSL certificate using SM2 cryptographic algorithm.