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WoSign EV SSL certificate helps with the security of Rongrmb P2P platform

Recently, the first domestic online stock financing platform --- Rongrmb (https://www.rongrmb.com) successfully deployed WoSign EV SSL certificate. When you access to this platform, browser will present the green address bar and full name of the company besides https and the security lock. This will not only be convenient for the users to distinguish the authentic official platform from the fake one but also prevent phishing site from getting user account information. It realizes the data transmission encryption and can prevent data leakage of transaction.

Shenzhen Rongrmb Internet Finance Co., Ltd was founded in 2014. It devoted into the operation service of internet finance platform and accurately matching clients of investment and financing with their demands. Its main products and service cover the system construction of finance service and platform operation management. Based on industry hot spot and market demands, the company insists on independent research and development and has been launching products and services of Rongrmb web site, operation management system, wind management control system and financing transaction client side to provide secure, stable and convenient channels of financing and investment for clients, which is highly favored by the customers.

The year 2013 is when Chinese internet finance began. As the key element of internet finance, P2P pattern was in its explosive growth under the attention of market. The transaction scale of P2P platform is expected to break through 300 billion. The rapid development of P2P platform also brings about the high speed aggregation of industry risks, among which the risk of information security stands out especially.

The responsible officer of Rongrmb information security said that Rongrmb is different from traditional offline petty loan company. As the first domestic innovative online financing platform, Rongrmb allows users to carry out online application, audit and real time capital monitoring of investments and financing. All business operations are completed online. The security of this platform becomes their top concern. Therefore, they decided to apply for top security level of EV SSL certificate to secure users data transmission. When asked why they have chosen WoSign EV SSL certificate, the responsible officer replied that the main reason was the performance. WoSign EV SSL certificate supports all browsers and owns the license issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. They devoted into building legal and secure financing platform. So they will consider the security and legality when choose security product.

In the early 2014, the vice president of China Banking Regulatory Commission, Guo Ligen, once said in a forum that internet finance should hold on to the bottom line of information security and enhance the capability in shielding against risks as well to really promote the sound development of internet finance industry. As the only globally trusted CA being licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, it is incumbent upon WoSign to support the establishment of the security of Chinese internet finance. Based on customer needs, WoSign continues to provide better products that are fit for the internet finance industry. We not only introduced EV SSL Pro certificate, the top security level certificate with 128bit force encryption but also launched a CA system aimed at finance industry to make it possible for clients from internet finance industry to customize their own globally trusted root certificate.

We recommend internet finance customers to learn more about WoSign EV SSL Pro certificate and CA system for internet finance.