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2014 WoSign outdoor training activities successfully concluded

Weather of November in Shenzhen is clear and refreshing. All the participating trainees of WoSign CA gathered together in Dapeng outdoor training base to do the last time training activities. In 2014, WoSign CA has implemented multi-period targeted outdoor training activities, which achieved satisfactory effect. Members were all expecting this time's ending training.

Unlike previous tension, this time's training began with lightheartedness. Members quickly got the hang of it after several warm-up games. During the training, sessions like the Blind Phalanx, Silent Number Passing, Survival Craft and Seven-piece puzzle have been completed one after another. Finally we successfully accomplished the ultimate challenge, Graduation Wall.

The Blind Phalanx tested the ability of planning, communicating, cooperating and decision-making of the whole team. Everyone got to understand the importance of program planning. In Silent Number Passing, the team should think about how to build a new communication system to convey their messages under the circumstances that they were not allowed to communicate either in verbal nor visual ways. Survival Craft is a classic training program of vertical communication, which stressed the importance of proactive communication and information sharing, especially the importance of using resources and making decisions. The Seven-piece puzzle trained mainly lateral communication.

The ultimate challenge was the Graduation Wall, which is 4.6 meters in height. It is said to be the highest graduation wall among all training bases. All members of the team had to climb over this wall without any external forces or tools. The team should discuss and make decision in a short time, assessing the best plan and resources allocation. This session fostered the unit cohesion and enhanced trust among all the members. We can accomplish the impossible with our team.

Here ceased the outdoor training activities of WoSign in 2014. The series of activities promoted individual qualities. Every trainee benefited from it a lot. Our abilities of cooperation, practice, team spirit have been enhanced. Our potentials have been unleashed. Eventually, these spirits will be applied in our daily work and study. The spirits will bring the aim of success into reality.