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The e-government resource center of Shenzhen successfully deployed WoSign SSL certificate

Recently, the e-government resource center of Shenzhen has come to an agreement with WoSign CA that WoSign will provide SSL certificate services in a ten-year period to the mail system of Shenzhen e-government. At present, the system successfully deployed WoSign OV ZhenSSL Pro certificate to secure the confidential information of its emails.

The e-government resource center of Shenzhen (the original Shenzhen information and network center) was founded in October of 1995. It is a subsidiary of Shenzhen economic trade and information committee. The center is a public institution with independent legal personality, full government funding enjoyed. It is responsible for the construction of secure, convenient and fast e-government fundamental network, using advanced technology, and provide unified supporting platform for the e-government system. The e-government mail system is an important internal communication platform of government. To secure the email information, Shenzhen e-government resource center chose SSL certificate. After test and inspection, the center finally chose WoSign SSL certificate.

The responsible officer of Shenzhen e-government resource center said that the mail system concerns the security of Chinese government information and therefore foreign SSL certificates are not taken into consideration. They can only feel rest assured with domestic encryption products. WoSign SSL certificates are the same as foreign certificates in performance and we support Chinese language better. Shenzhen e-government mail system once applied SSL certificate issued by foreign CA. But they soon noticed the potential risks of it. With the domestication of government security products, there will be increasing information security products being replaced with domestic brands.

WoSign CA Limited, founded in 2002, is a certificate authority with the domestic license issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and has passed international certification. Start from 2004, WoSign agented foreign certificate products and then in 2006 began to develop our own products. In 2011, WoSign was issuing various digital certificates under our own root certificate. After all the hard work, we have achieved abundant results.

At present, apart from Shenzhen e-government resource center, Guangdong e-government mail system and Chinese e-government network security mail system have also deployed WoSign SSL certificate. We hope more and more e-government application system can deploy domestic SSL certificates in time to secure the confidential information online. If you have already applied foreign certificate, you can enjoy the special offer of getting two-for-one deal by replacing with WoSign certificate. Learn more by logging onto the official website of WoSign CA http://www.wosign.com.