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WoSign code signing certificate being specified to be used in kernel signature by Microsoft

Yesterday, Microsoft has recommended OV code signing certificate and EV code signing certificate of WoSign which can be used in digital signature of various codes including Windows 10 kernel signature and Microsoft logo certification signature to global Windows developers. Only four CAs (WoSign, Symantec, DigiCert and GlobalSign) around the world have passed the strict testing of Microsoft and been qualified to certain products. WoSign is the only specified provider of code signing certificate in China. After ten years' hard work, WoSign's digital certificate products have been in the leading position in the globe. Being loved by software developers in the reasons that code signing certificate is supportive of Chinese and the issuance is fast, WoSign's market share in China is over 90%.

Code signing certificate can verify source of the software and integrity of the code, meanwhile users will know whether this code program has been distorted illegally since its issuance. With clients' trust being produced and software developers' interests being protected, developers are able to release software on the internet in a faster and safer way.

In Windows 10, OV code signing certificate cannot be used in driver signature in the mode of kernel. An EV code signing certificate should be put into use in this case. WoSign's EV code signing certificate has strengthened the identification verification of developers on the basis of OV code signing certificate. Certificate will be stored in the USB key, eliminating the risk of being compromised. It can also help code which has already been signed to build its reputation real quick in Windows SmartScreen®, reducing warning messages on trust given by the system to users.

In order to solve the compatible problem of different versions of Windows operating system, WoSign has worldwide exclusively introduced the dual-certificate service, which means subscriber can get a cost-free code signing certificate if he makes a purchase of an EV code signing certificate. EV code signing certificate uses SHA-2 signature algorithm, while the regular certificate uses SHA-1 signature algorithm.

At the same time, WoSign has been organizing the research and development team to add signature tool which supports dual-certificate on the basis of existing code signing tools so that developers will be able to dual-sign software using two code signing certificates with different signature algorithms, SHA-1 and SHA-2. This will save the cost of purchasing certificates and greatly reduce the maintenance cost after the release of software for the company.

If you are a Windows developer, click here to apply for WoSign EV code signing certificate.

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