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Jiangsu University VPN service successfully deployed WoSign OV ZhenSSL certificate

A few days ago, Jiangsu University VPN service successfully deployed WoSign OV ZhenSSL certificate to secure the data transmission of VPN and make it possible for all staff to access to campus network resources and library resources in a convenient and safe way even outside the campus through VPN service.

In foreign countries, especially in the United States and Europe, service of remote access to library resources from outside the campus is rather popular. Domestic universities start to set up campus VPN service one after another. Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a way for remote users to gain access to internal network safely through building a private network over a public one and encrypting the communication.

The responsible technical officer of information center said under the premise of ensuring the security of campus network, teachers can make full use of the resources from campus network even outside the campus and the management and share of information resources can be realized. This has put forward with high demand to their security construction. Once the information security is not handled well, all the confidential information of the entire university students and staff can be leaked. They applied SSL VPN to realize remote access and used SSL protocol to do the validation and data encryption, which greatly enhanced the data transmission security.

One of the most important links of the deployment of SSL VPN is that the certificate deployed must supports all browsers and be globally trusted. VPN service cannot use its self-signed SSL certificate. Self-signed certificate is not trusted by browser. Every time users access to it, the browser will prompt warning that the security certificate of this website is not issued by a trusted CA, which will bring about lots of bother to users. More seriously, it will be easy for hackers to carry out the man-in-the-middle attack by counterfeiting certificates. Users are accustomed to click continue to browse. The fake certificate counterfeited by hackers will be trusted by users by habit, which will bring potential security risks to VPN service and make the secure tunnel the gate hackers can drive straight in.

After testing and inspection, Jiangsu University finally chose the globally trusted WoSign OV ZhenSSL certificate to solve the security risk problem of self-signed SSL certificate. The responsible person also said that WoSign SSL certificate has high cost performance with the same performance as foreign SSL certificate but more favorable price. What's more, the technical support service WoSign provides is very convenient.

WoSign CA Limit is an authoritative third-party digital certificate CA, which has gained the license of the Ministry of Industry and Information technology and has passed the international certification of Web Trust. At present, WoSign SSL certificates have been applied widely in VPN service, mail system, and information portal of different universities such as Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen University and National University of Defense Technology. We hope more university network application services can deploy globally trusted domestic SSL certificate in time. If you have already applied foreign certificate, you can enjoy the special offer of getting two-for-one deal by replacing with WoSign certificate.