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Notice: For system safety, please replace SHA1 certificate

Due to yearly reduced security of SHA-1 algorithm used by certificate signature, all browsers will gradually prompt warning to websites that have deployed SSL certificate using SHA-1 algorithm. WoSign CA positively responds to the standard requirement of Microsoft, Google and related international organizations and will substitute SHA-1 certificate with SHA-2 certificate for certificates that expire before December 31 in 2016 for free.

Substitution plan:

In order to be fully compatible to Windows XP, the substitution plan is that the system will issue two kinds of certificates to subscribers at the same time. One is a SHA-2 certificate with full validation period, another one is a SHA-1 certificate with validation period to December 31, 2016. It will be convenient for subscribers to choose or install. We recommend subscribers to first install SHA-1 certificate and then install SHA-2 certificate in December of 2016.

Substitution time:

The substitution plan will be carried out from now on. The deadline is March 20, 2015. Please install new certificate when you receive the email. The former one will be revoked in March 30, 2015.

Service support:

If you come across any problems during the substitution, please contact WoSign 24-hour service hotline: 0755-86008688 (work hours)

During out-of-work-hour, please contact:

Customer service: 188 2286 3510

Technical support: 188 2282 8659

We consider the extra work of substituting certificates to be worthwhile in order to meet the international standards and for your system security. Thanks for your support.