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315 Gala exposed risks of public WIFI, use SSL certificate to prevent information leakage

The CCTV 315 Gala exposed the whole process of hackers using fake WIFI to steal photos and email accounts and passwords from connected phones. People that are used to surf on public WIFI now came to realize that WIFI phishing did exist. If your phone is connected to a hacker's WIFI, sensitive information on your phone like photos, email accounts and password can all be stolen.

In early December last year, a strange thing happened to a citizen in Yangzhou. In less than 2 days, the amount of more than 60,000 Yuan in his bank card was only left to be 500 Yuan. After the investigation of police, they convicted it to be in connection with him using free WIFI in public places. The cost of fraud was low. Use one laptop, one set of wireless network and one network packet analysis software to set a wireless hotspot; you can easily set a WIFI without password. Nowadays, free WIFI is everywhere in public places. It is hard for citizens to distinguish right from wrong. If they accidentally use fake WIFI, it only takes 15 minutes for lawbreakers to steal personal information and passwords on the phone, like internet bank password, stock account password and credit card password.

The police have warned the citizen not to use unfamiliar WIFI in public places. It will be better not to turn on automatic connection to WIFI at ordinary times. If you keep it open, your phone will scan automatically once it enters the WIFI-covered area and connect to unencrypted WIFI.

However, people in need of using public WIFI are the majority. If you have to use public WIFI and are also worried about phishing risk, what should you do? WoSign advices you to only access to web sites that use SSL encrypted connection when you use public WIFI. This can effectively avoid data leakage.

SSL encrypted connection is a built-in encryption security mechanism of browser, SSL agreement. Website can activate SSL agreement by installing SSL certificate and therefore automatically encrypt data transmission. While using public WIFI, you have to make sure the website is encrypted using SSL certificate before log onto shopping, payment and online bank website. Without encryption, you cannot input any account or password or conduct any money transaction. Website which has installed SSL certificate is easy to recognize. It can be accessed using https and the browser will present the security lock. In foreign country, SSL encryption is widely used. The number of websites that use https is also increasing in our country.

WoSign CA is the only global CA that provides 3-year multiple-domain free SSL certificate, which supports all browsers and mobile terminals. You can enable SSL encryption for your web site at zero cost. Users can feel more secured when access to your web site. Log onto freessl.wosign.com and apply!