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How much do you know about Trust Website Certification?

Website certification is a service provided by a third party, aiming at validating the authentication of information of internet website like identity, aptitude and domain name. With the advent of the Internet age, people's lifestyle and pattern of consumption have been gradually changed by electronic commerce, online payment and transaction. Counterfeit website and phishing fraud have become the biggest threat to the rights and interests of online consumer. Losses caused by counterfeit websites and phishing fraud are more than 30.8 billion Yuan every year. Website certification becomes one of the most important steps of its construction in order to distinguish itself from counterfeit website.

The rapidly growing market demand of internet trust leads to the development of website trust certification industry. In just a few years, multifarious website certification products emerged. Diversified services and personalized website certification icon make website owner and netizens feel at lost. Survey shows 10% of the websites which have already done trust certification applied two or more website trust certification services. Repeated certification not only adds to website's operating cost, causes waste of resources but also makes the website certification market in a disordered state. First of all, trust certification service providers have their own standards. They create their own systems, which lack impartiality, general applicability and standardization. The public will take a skeptical attitude towards this kind of website certification. Second, the certification icon, which most website certification services provide for websites to prove credibility after the certification, is usually static icon. The anti-counterfeit ability of it is very poor. It cannot be bound to certain domain and doesn't have timestamp. It will be very easy for phishing sites to illegally copy.

Digital certificate based on PKI technology has always been the internationally recognized best solution to online security and trust. Its application in the field of website certification has been popularized abroad. WoSign Global Trust Website Certification is the trust website certification service based on PKI (digital certificate) technology. We provide two levels of certification according to international standards: EV international certification and OV international certification. WoSign EV international certification can present green address bar and name of website in the browser of 3 billion internet users. This is essentially different from ordinary website certification.

1. All browsers support to present WoSign EV international certification

EV international certification is a certification standard formulated by international standard organization CA/Browser Forum. As the first Chinese member of CA/Browser Forum and a globally trusted third party CA, WoSign strictly follows international standard to do validation and issue certificate. Therefore, EV international certificate issued by WoSign CA can present green address bar and website name in all browsers while ordinary certification can only present in the bottom of the website or in few certain collaborative products.

2. Built-in security mechanism in browser, automatically validate websites

The icons and pages of ordinary trust website certification terminals do not have real-time inspection function. Even if it is illegally used by phishing site, website users do not know about it. WoSign EV international certificate is a built-in security mechanism in global browsers and can do real-time validation of information. After a series validation of "If there is insecure factor in the web page --- If the CA is trusted --- If the certificate is revoked or has expired --- If the domain of the certificate matches current domain --- If this web site has been listed in the blacklist of fraud websites", the green address bar and security lock will be presented as well as the name of the website's affiliated unit and validation level. In the validation process, if any link goes wrong, the browser will automatically prompt warning and technically secure the website validation. The picture below shows the warning of browser when the current domain doesn't match with the one of the certificate. So that users will know this certificate may be illegally used and they should stop browsing this web page.

3. WoSign international certification signature, with the same perceptual intuition but higher level of security

Ordinary trust website certification terminals present static validation icon, which is easy to be illegally copied and faked. WoSign international certification can not only prove the website is trusted through the browser but also provide certification icon in the validated website. WoSign international certification signature combined with digital signature and timestamp generate dynamically in real time. It can be used only in websites that have passed the validation. It cannot be copied or counterfeited. Click the certification signature and you can see detailed website validation information. This allows users to learn more about different kinds of certification.

Trust website certification makes it possible for netizens to distinguish from phishing websites and avoid being swindled. Websites can gain online trust and build good brand image. Effective trust website certification system can constantly promote online trust. We hope our country can unceasingly improve trust website certification mechanism, gear to international standards and achieve real security and trust. Apply for WoSign international certificate at www.wosign.com.