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WoSign introduced WoSignDoc, digital signature platform of electronic contract

In memory of the 10th anniversary of Law of Electronic Signature (April 1, 2005) in China, WoSign, the only Chinese CA that has passed global trust validation of Adobe and has owned electronic authentication license permitted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology at the same time, introduced the global trust signature platform WoSignDoc today (April 1, 2015). Subscribers from both domestic and overseas are able to digitally sign legal document like different contracts and agreements safely and quickly online. The legal force of these papers is the same as the one with handwritten signature and stamps.

All the electronic contracts signed on WoSignDoc platform contain global trust digital signature of signatory and global trust timestamp, which can not only certify the identity of signatory but also ensure the integrity of the file after signing (impossible to be tampered) and the action of signing is undeniable, the time of signing cannot be tampered.

WoSignDoc has break through the last link of electronic commerce. It will be convenient for you to integrate the step of signing contract to automatic management system. You can get a contract with legal force in a very short time and can save the cost of delivery. The processing speed of commerce is accelerated as well as the capital flow. This will lead to not only less cost but also business opportunities.

Three prerequisite factors of global trust electronic contract:

1. It should be signed through a third party platform. So that the impartiality of the signing process and the validity of the results can be ensured. The platform will record the signing process log in detail, make sure the record is authentic and every link is integrated by adding timestamp to it, and also ensure the non-repudiation of all the electronic evidences.

Our Ministry of Commerce points out in the standardization of signing electronic contract online that the impartiality of signing process and validity of results can be ensured only if it is signed in a third party system (provider of electronic contract provider).

2. The authenticity of signatory and the legitimacy of digital signature can be ensured if it one uses digital certificate provided by legal CA to sign electronic contract.

Under the 14 article of Law of Electronic, reliable electronic signature has the same legal force as handwritten signature of stamp. The reliable electronic signature here does not refer to the electronic watermark or electronic stamp on the market; it refers to a reliable technological means that can ensure the legitimacy of digital signature, using digital certificate issued by legal CA.

3. The certificate used for signing electronic contract must be issued by CA trusted by Adobe. This is the basic condition as a reliable electronic signature technology. In this way, signed PDF file can present Trusted Signature when being opened in Adobe reader. When you open the electronic contract, the PDF reader has already verify the validity of it.

Only the three factors above being met, the whole process of electronic contract will be more impartial and more trustful. WoSignDoc is the only signing platform that meets all three factors above. We welcome you to use our WoSignDoc platform.