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2014 outstanding team of WoSign Outing in Qingyuan

Spring is in the air in southern April. It is the right time for an outing. Last weekend, outstanding team in 2014 of WoSign, Online Marketing department, has a sweet date with the beautiful spring. Their destination is Qingyuan in Guangdong, known as Little Guilin and famous for hot springs and rafting.

One of the most distinctive items is the Gulong Canyon Rafting. Gulong Canyon is located in northern Guangdong, hidden in boundless hills. The overall distance of the rafting is 6063 meters with the greatest vertical drop of 378 meters while the overall length of the river is 4.8 kilometers with the greatest vertical drop of 168 meters. This is the longest rafting project with the highest vertical drop at the fastest speed in Guangdong province. Every two of the team member pair up to take the challenge. The high-speed raft was like roller-coaster on the waves, going all the way through the valley. One drop after another and squeaks and screams rose and fell. Although it is warm and pleasant this time in Guangdong, the water temperature of mountain streams is still low. Everyone was feeling penetrating coolness when the waves came. Not only courage was needed for this rafting challenge, but also team work and trust. Even in this cold and terrifying environment, the encouragement from the team is the greatest strength that carried you through,

After finishing the rafting challenge, the team also experienced hot spring and visited the forest park, enjoying the natural scenery. This journey, which took 2 days and nights, has increased communication among team members and released the pressure from work. It also has strengthened team cohesiveness and brought new energy to future works.