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Devoting to online payment security, WoSign CA was invited to Payment China 2015

Payment China 2015, the time-honored, most influential and authoritative grand meeting of Chinese payment industry, was held in Shanghai during May 21 to 22.

Being invited to this summit, WoSign CTO, Mr. Wang Gaohua, shared years of practical experience and the newest application solutions of WoSign in the field of online payment based on the title of How to Secure Online Payment by Applying PKI Technology. He made a further discussion of the integration of PKI technology and online payment industry; and shared ideas with the industry leaders and experts from government associations, commercial banks and third-party paying company of Asian-Pacific region.


Online banking and online payment have brought people unprecedented convenience of online transactions and have greatly promoted economic development. However, the internet is an open system. Bank transaction servers are public sites online, internet banking systems make intranet of banks accessible to the internet. In recent years, incidents of online payment information leakage, bank card being pilfered and online banking fraud have been emerging in endlessly. Online payment security is faced with a severe test. It is necessary for banks to take safety measures like the combination of RSA encryption based on PKI technology, digital signature, SSL transmission encryption and client side certificate. But there still are huge potential risks in the security deployment. For instance, applying unsecured self-signed certificate, using large-scale foreign server certificates for important online banking system and 90% online banking applications not applying SSL encryption connection, all these security problems may result in serious consequences if not being dealt with promptly.


WoSign is a globally trusted certificate authority, which devotes to secure online payment security through applications based on PKI technology and digital certificates. WoSign provides various certificate products like SSL certificate, client side certificate, code signing certificate, website international certification and mobile terminal ECC SSL certificate to protect information security and build online trust. After ten years hard work and market experience, WoSign is well prepared to be the one and only commercial CA in China that can completely replace foreign digital certificate brands. WoSign has now won the trust of financial banks and online paying institutes like Pingan, Guilin Bank, Bank of Jining and Haihui.