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WoSign CEO Wang Gaohua was invited to give speech in the European Forum on Electronic Signature

Mr. Wang Gaohua, CEO of WoSign, was invited to the 15th European Forum on Electronic Signature (EFPE) held in Poland during June 10 to 12 in 2015 and delivered an English speech titled Electronic Signature Application in China. Mr. Wang Gaohua detailed to European peers the Electronic Signature Law and various applications in China; and also introduced WoSign electronic signature platform WoSignDoc. He emphasized on how WoSign can help European peers expand the huge market of China, which has received warm welcome and applaud by all participants.

European Forum on Electronic Signature (EFPE) is one of the largest international forums devoted to electronic signature and PKI public key infrastructure technology. This year's theme is Legal and Technological Impact on the Global Electronic Economy: EIDAS Regulation --- From Electronic Signatures to Trust Services. The conference is held in the coastal city Miedzyzdroje in Poland.

This year's EFPE has welcomed more than 130 participants form 27 countries, among which have representatives from European Commission, European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), government departments and large institute that use trust services, provider of trust services and multiple manufacturers that supply software and hardware of electronic signature and digital certification. After the conference, the Final Statement on New EU Trust Services Framework was released in the hope of the decision-makers and legislators of European Commission be considering the suggestions in this statement when perfect legislation in future.

Wang Gaohua