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Microsoft globally issued WoSign new root certificate again


On June 23th 2015, Microsoft has again globally issued two WoSign root certificates, Certification Authority of WoSign G2 and CA WoSign ECC Root. Their intellectual property and proprietorship is fully possessed by WoSign. Keeping pace with the world leading PKI technology, the Certification Authority of WoSign G2 issued by Microsoft this time used SHA2 signature algorithm while the other one is used in the encryption algorithm of mobile internet ECC. This is the second time that Microsoft issues WoSign root certificate globally. Microsoft first issued two WoSign root certificates globally on the date of March 11st in 2014. (Certification Authority of WoSign (English root certificate) and CA 沃通根证书(Chinese root certificate)). Up to now, five of WoSign root certificates have passed the verification of Microsoft as shown below:

After 10 years hard work, WoSign has become a leading CA in domestic market and has set several precedents both domestic and overseas. WoSign is the only domestic commercial CA that supports all browsers, operating systems and mobile terminals, the only global CA that possesses globally trusted Chinese root certificate. It is also the only domestic CA that has issued certificate of the highest security level in the world. WoSign has been issuing SSL certificates for more than 120 countries and regions.

We know it very well that it is our obligatory duty to protect the information security of internet users. The great sense of responsibility has been driving us to keep pursuing excellence and makes us stronger. So that we realized the domestication of digital certificates and passed international standards. In the field of internet information security in our country, WoSign has always been and will always make contribution. And we are proud of it.