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WoSign launched EV code signing certificate

WoSign EV code signing certificate (multipurpose version) is officially launched today!

EV code signing certificate contains all the features of regular kernel code signing certificate. But it adopts extended validation (EV) of international standard, which is a lot stricter than the regular ones, and has rigid protection over the private key of certificates. Users have to use USB Key to protect the private key of their certificate signature, which can secure the safety of the certificate.

WoSign EV code signing certificate implements strict identification verification of international standard organization CA/browser forum and Microsoft. Certificate will be issued after the identification verification of subscriber is done. This is used to sign various software and code for the developers. It can not only prove the real identity of code developer but also ensure that users are convinced this code is not illegally modified when they download it on the internet. Therefore, the integrity of the code and security of users are protected, as well as the interests of software developers.

As a globally trusted CA, WoSign code signing certificates are trusted by Windows. There will not be any warning messages of not being trusted. Your software is protected from malware.

Applying WoSign EV code signing certificate can help your code build its reputation quickly in Windows SmartScreen and reduce warning messages of user trust from system. WoSign is strictly certified by Microsoft. Our code signing certificates not only support Windows 8, 8.1, IE9, 10 but also support the kernel driver signature of Windows 10 preview version. At the same time, our certificates are compatible with Windows Mobile, standard code signature, kernel signature, Office signature, VBA signature and Adobe signature.

For the security of Windows 10 operating system, all driver software should use EV code signing certificate to sign kernel before running. Microsoft has already issued cross certificate for kernel driver use only to two root certificates of WoSign with a ten-year period of validity. The certificate can be used to sign kernel code in different operating system and drivers of Windows 10.