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WoSign SSL Wizard, handling HTTPS in one click

WoSign officially released SSL Wizard on August 13th 2015, a full automatic tool of application and deployment of server certificates which can easily help you with the HTTPS issue and completely solve the problem of tedious process of certificate application and installation for subscribers. This will accelerate the process of using HTTPS encryption on all websites worldwide for sure and make huge contribution to protect users' privacy online.

Every one that has once deployed a certificate knows, it is very tedious process full of cut and dried deployment guide, error prone commands, and complicated edit configuration and can be time-consuming. All of these will become history. WoSign SSL Wizard is designed to solve these troubles. It took technical staff six months to fully go through the testing and pilot run. We now release this version today. It supports common servers like IIS server, Apache server, Tomcat server and Nginx server. Only in one click, your website can transfer from HTTP to HTTPS, reducing the original duration of days or even weeks of work to 30 seconds. This will allow websites in need of SSL certificate to realize the automatic process of applying for, installing and renewing the certificate in an easy way. Your SSL certificate is secure and valid permanently under full automatic operation.

What's more, the released version of SSL Wizard today is supportive of automatic deployment of free SSL certificate. This means that not only the tool is cost-free but also the global-trusted SSL certificate which can support 20 different domain names is cost-free.

SSL Wizard will support other kinds of chargeable SSL certificates in the following upgraded versions. Users purchase certificates in WoSign digital certificate store and make payment of ten years certificate service in a lump sum. Then you can enjoy the HTTPS encryption service in ten years in a cheaper and far more convenient way. There will be no limit to period of validity, users do not need to apply for and install certificate every single year.

WoSign is a trusted CA which has been licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and has passed international verification. The stability and reliability of our system have kept being tested by hundreds of thousands of users from more than 140 countries and regions. From January this year, WoSign started issuing DV SSL certificates to global subscribers for free, which is welcomed and complimented by the users. Now, you can use free SSL certificate permanently with easy operation if you install WoSign SSL Wizard. If your website needs EV SSL certificate which presents the green address bar or OV SSL certificate which presents name of your company, all you need to do is to attach your WoSign account to SSL Wizard. Go download WoSign SSL Wizard!