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WoSign CA successfully deployed CT system, supporting Google's new safety requirement

Keeping up with the international advanced technology, WoSign has successfully upgraded PKI/CA system on August 20th to support Certificate Transparency, which is an transparent inspection technique pushed by Google to secure the certificate system. Google will present company's name in green only if its EV SSL certificate is issued by the system supportive of CT technique. At present, WoSign is the only CA that supports the newest standard of Google CT. There are only a few CAs that are supportive for this standard, reflecting the fact that WoSign PKI/CA system has always been in the leading position around the globe.

Certificate Transparency is a new standard of Google to reduce malicious issuances of unauthorized certificates. CA creates a "pre-certificate" and sends it to the Log Server verified by Google. The Signed Certificate Timestamp returned by the Log Server to the pre-certificate is called SCT data. This data is embedded in officially issued certificates or is deployed in the web server through TLS mode. To be brief, it is to build a white list for legal certificates. Google browser will check whether the certificate is in this white list while verifying it. If the certificate is not in the list, Google will not present its name in green nor the information of certificate transparency.

The newly issued WoSign EV SSL certificates all contain SCT information. Previous certificates can also pass TLS extension verification mode or subscriber can apply for a new EV SSL certificate online that contains SCT information for free. We are using Google's Log Server at the moment. In later period, we will provide our own log server. Users can see the certificate transparency information in Chrome browser.

WoSign is a trusted CA which has been licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and has passed international verification. The stability and reliability of our system have kept being tested by hundreds of thousands of users from more than 140 countries and regions. The certificate transparency deployed this time can, like actions of transparency being taken in many other industries, help build users' confidence and prevent site visitors from being cheated by malicious or false SSL certificate. It can bring more quantity of flow and more revenues. We welcome all users to apply for WoSign EV SSL certificates.