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The revision of WoSign digital certificate store (buy.wosign.com) is released

In order to provide a better and more convenient service for subscribers, WoSign has been continuously learning valuable advices from subscribers and optimized the usage experience of WoSign digital certificate store (buy.wosign.com). More and more users place orders through online self-service store, which greatly increased efficiency of purchasing certificates. On August 19th 2015, WoSign digital certificate store released a new revision, upgrading in visual interface, use flow and user experience.

The main updated features include:

1. Free SSL certificate will be verified and issued by the system with no more waiting;

2. There is no need to repeat verification of domain name and email in 90 days once you have already done it;

3. All the certificate products support online payment;

4. The more flexible procedures of placing orders and verification make it easier for subscribers to provide materials;

5. Disabled the function of shopping cart.

WoSign digital certificate store (buy.wosign.com) has become the biggest certificate application platform with the largest online orders. The new revision presents a fresher style, simpler procedure and humanized experience. It will provide effective service for more and more digital certificate subscribers. Login in https://buy.wosign.com to experience!