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WoSign made its appearance in 2015 High-Tech Fair, HTTPS encryption became a hot topic

The seventeenth High-Tech Fair is drawing to an end. The fair this year has attracted over 500,000 professional visitors. As a representative company in the field of internet security, WoSign CA discussed with professionals from all walks of life about trans-boundary integration and innovation application and reached a preliminary cooperation intention with many enterprises on-site.

WoSign CA is a trusted authoritative institution which issues digital certificate, devoting into PKI technology and the application of digital certificates in order to build a trustful and secure internet environment. In this fair, WoSign introduced server SSL certificate, code signing certificate, client side certificate and other products and solutions, presenting how digital certificate based on PKI technology can guarantee internet security to professional visitors.

HTTPS becomes a hot topic, SSL certificate attracts attention

The situation of internet security becomes increasingly serious with data leakage, identity theft, fraud and phishing site emerging in endlessly. Google, Baidu, Firefox, Microsoft and other internet giants are all actively promoting the application of HTTPS encryption and encouraging more and more websites to realize HTTPS encryption. Alibaba subordinates, Taobao and Tmall, have enabled HTTPS encryption full-site this year, pushing it to a new climax. SSL certificate solves the problem of data leakage and phishing fraud on the internet in the level of technology and makes it simple and easy for users to distinguish the authentication of the website. SSL certificate products received extensive attention on the site. There has been a constant stream of customers and partners coming to consult.

Code signing certificate "dual-certificate service + dual-certificate signing tool" been touted by software developers

In order to solve the compatible problem of different versions of Windows operating systems, WoSign has exclusively introduced the solution of "dual-certificate service + dual-certificate signing tool", independently researching and developing dual-certificate signing tool to users for free. Code signing certificate provides dual-certificate service at the same original fee, namely, the system issues two certificates (respectively using SHA1 and SHA2 signature algorithm) to subscribers in default when they apply for one WoSign code signing certificate. Software developers can realize dual signature for software code easily without increasing cost. The certificates support all versions of Windows operating systems and are touted by software developers on the site. What's more, Microsoft has issued cross certificate for kernel drive use only for two WoSign root certificates. It can be used to sign kernel code and Windows 10 drive programs in all operating systems. Microsoft has also put WoSign code signing certificate into the official recommendation list of purchasing. Developers can feel rest assured to make a purchase.

Digital certificate products contain unlimited business opportunities

As a fundamental product of internet security, digital certificate has a wide range of application and large extent of industrial convergence. It can fuse with various industry products and solutions, solving the problems of security and credibility of internet. With the implementation of "Internet+" strategy, security will become the most important basis and contain unlimited business opportunities. At present, WoSign has achieved strategic cooperation with Qihu360, China Certificate Inspection Guide, Gainet, Sundns.com, Huluwa network and other industry leaders, forming a mature industry cooperation pattern. WoSign also discussed about cooperation directions with firms from the fields of IDC service, cloud service and system integration. We shared successful experience and reached cooperation intention, establishing a win-win relationship in the huge potential market of digital certificate.

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