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WoSign SSL certificate helps secure Inspur GSP+ corporate cloud application platform

Recently, the cloud services of Inspur GSP+ corporate cloud application access platform, unified access center and collaborative cloud and mobile management cloud, have applied WoSign OV ZhenSSL certificate to realize HTTPS encryption and secure the safety of confidential data transmission in the cloud platform.

Inspur is a leading server provider of cloud computing and big data in China, which builds a one-up cloud computing infrastructure platform for clients and fully supports cloud infrastructure of Smart Government, corporate cloud and vertical industry. The Inspur GSP+ corporate cloud application platform is equivalent to the traditional GSP platform plus big data service platform. Inspur combines cloud service, corporate mobile application development, processing and collection ability of data with GSP development platform, completing butt joint with social contact and e-commerce platform. It is the corporate cloud application platform of new generation that combines operation platform, development platform, modeling platform, mobile application platform, integration platform and e-commerce platform all together.

In the past, most of the corporate application systems are built inside the intranet with no explicit requirements of data transmission security. As internet application develops, client business systems become inseparable from the butt joint of internet. When corporate application system is docked to cloud platform, a large number of confidential data is exposed in the link of communication transmission. Corporate application requires for higher security level of data transmission. HTTPS encryption becomes the most fundamental part of corporate cloud application. Therefore, the import of server SSL certificate into Inspur GSP+ corporate cloud platform makes data transmission secure.

After rigorous testing and evaluation process, Inspur finally chooses WoSign OV ZhenSSL certificate. The technical director of GSP+ says that as the leader and facilitator of domestic enterprise management software, Inspur has always been supporting the development of domestic software product. WoSign products not only have the same properties as foreign SSL certificates but also support Chinese language in a better way. What's more, WoSign CA is permitted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and is in strict accordance with our Law of Electronic Signature.

WoSign is the largest independent certificate authority in China that has been licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and has passed the international verification of Webtrust. At present, WoSign provides digital certificate products and services for various walks of life like well-known e-commerce enterprises, government sectors, financial instruments, education and training, established corporation and online games. Our product and service have covered hundreds of thousands of websites in over 180 countries and regions. The collaboration between Inspur and WoSign this time establishes the application pattern of WoSign SSL certificate in corporate cloud platform. WoSign will provide SSL certificate service for more cloud platform in the near future.