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WoSign CA has been awarded the title of National High-tech Enterprise: High-tech made in China

Recently, WoSign CA has won the title of National High-tech Enterprise and been awarded the certificate. It is the officially the high-tech enterprise enjoying the special state aid.

As we all know, the barrier to apply for national high-tech enterprise is getting higher and the standards stricter. The company's independent intellectual property rights and the ability of scientific achievements transformation should be investigate, as well as the management level of research and development organization and financial growth. The scientific and technological innovation capacity and developmental level of the company should be assessed. Winning the title of National High-tech Enterprise reflects the capacity of technology research and development, achievement transformation and market growth of WoSign have been recognized by the country, showing WoSign's leading position in this field.

With much more importance being attached to internet security these years, China has elevated it to the strategic height of national security. Digital certificates based on PKI/CA technology system are the fundamental infrastructure of internet security, which will directly influence the security infrastructure of the entire internet. Therefore, it is vital for our internet construction to improve the technology level of Chinese CA. Before then, our domestic CA's technology level is far behind foreign brands due to a slow start. Take server certificate as an example. Although there are very few domestic CAs that have passed international verification, the market coverage rate is very low because of the lack of compatibility of products. This results in the monopoly of foreign digital certificate brands in domestic server certificate market. WoSign CA has been proceeding steadily and step by step in the field of digital certificates for more than ten years. By devoting greater effort to technical research, we hope to build a digital certificate brand of our Chinese own. This brand should be secure, controllable, legal, and reach international leading technology level at the same time.

After a decade of hard work and two major transitions, WoSign CA has finally introduced the independent digital certificate brand and issued root certificates. Our certificates have been successfully preset in all operating systems and browsers. WoSign has become the very first domestic digital certificate brand that is trusted globally, breaking the long-time monopoly of foreign brands. At present, WoSign CA has been providing digital certificate service for more than 180 countries and regions in the world. Our market share ranks the 9th place in the world, 2nd in China. We stay on the upswing and keep catching up with and surpassing foreign brands.

Last year in the first meeting of the central network security and information technology leadership group, the general secretary Xi Jinping pointed it out that there would not be national security without internet security. We have to possess our own excellent technology. WoSign will continue to insist independent innovation and keep pace with international technology in future. By developing our own technology and practicing our skills, WoSign will maintain the leading technology level in the world and realize the dream of high-tech being made in China.