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WoSign CA officially stops issuing SHA-1 certificate

Due to yearly reduced security of SHA-1 algorithm used by certificate signature, all browsers will gradually prompt warning to websites that have deployed SSL certificate using SHA-1 algorithm. WoSign CA positively responds to the standard requirement of Microsoft, Google and related international organizations and will officially stop issuing SHA-1 certificate from 10 p.m. on December 31 in 2015.

As early as March in 2015, WoSign CA has provided for subscribers with the substitute plan of SHA-1 certificate, issuing two certificates to them at the same time. Therefore, it will not have any effect upon subscribers to stop issuing SHA-1 certificate.

WoSign CA has been supportive of issuing SHA-2 certificate since 2011. We abide strictly by the timetable of international standards to upgrade PKI system and support SHA-2 algorithm from intermediate certificate to subscriber certificate. We welcome all the customers to log onto WoSign digital certificate store (buy.wosign.com) to make a purchase!