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WoSign Certification Practice Statement (CPS)

Welcome to WoSign website from the Certificate "Issuer Statement" hyperlink. WoSign, the right place to meet your all kind of digital certificates need for worldwide customer! All WoSign brand certificates same ubiquity (support 99% browsers and servers),and better support Chinese application, faster issuance, higher quality local technical support in China, and support multi-language in certificate subject !

NOTICE: this CPS page is for WoSign Old Root CA only(before May 16. 2011), for New Root CA CPS, please click here.

Current WoSign CPS Version is V1.3.1 , updated at Dec. 01, 2009, and Subscriber Agreement

Current WoTrust CPS Version is V1.1.0 , updated at Mar. 20, 2007, and Subscriber Agreement

In order to help you understand how we validate certificate applicant's true identity, here is the short summary:

(1) We validate the applicant is a legal registered company in China by checking its good standing status in local government website;

(2) We use third party (bank) database to validate the applicant has a current and active demand deposit bank account in China (The applicant should wire transfer the certificate fee from its company bank account to WoSign bank account);

(3) We validate the applicant's phone number displayed in its “ Trust Supplier ID ” belongs to this applicant that the applicant should provide the telecom phone bill as proof document.

(4) Applicant should provide legal representative and certificate requestor's ID card, and we phone call the requestor to validate its identity according to the phone bill's phone number.

Please read our CPS for detail information.