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Domain Validation DV SSL Certificate

KuaiSSL is a low assurance, Domain Validation DV SSL certificate issued by WoSign, "Kuai" means "Quick".

The KuaiSSL is WoSign's entry level certificate which provides validation that your domain is registered and that you have authorized the purchase of the certificate. Through SSL encryption, the certificate assures that information is kept private between your web server and your clients' web browsers.

Please notice that this type SSL certificate is NOT suitable for eCommerce website since it don't verify the website's identity, and this type SSL certificate is widely misused by spoof website. We recommend you choose ZhenSSL for your website.

Features and Benefits:

Encryption: Up to 256-bit encryption enabled
Browser Compatibility: Trusted in more than 99% of all browsers
Certificate Details: Domain name only
MDC Support: Support multi-domain in SAN, 3-100 different domains
Secured Site Seal: Included (available in English and Chinese)
Root CA(2048bit): UTN - WoSign Server Authority
Free Reissues: Yes - unlimited for the lifespan of the certificate
Technical Support: Free, 5*8 multi-lingual for all global time zones
Secures Internationalized Yes - Support IDN domain:
Time to Issuance: one minute
CRL: Yes - Certificate Revocation List fully supported
Site Seal sample KuaiSSL Seal