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Credit card data leak of South Africa bank led to a hundred Japanese hackers stealing 1.4 billion Yan

Reported by foreign media, some international criminal gang has drawn 1.44 billion Yan (13 million US dollars) from 1400 ATM in convenience stores all around Japan using faked credit cards on May 15th. The whole process only took two and a half hours.

The criminal gang is said to have 100 members distributed over 16 districts in Japan. After thoroughly planning, these people committed the crime in different places at the same time before dawn on 15th. 14000 withdrawal instructions have been conducted in two hours, involved with 16000 credit cards. The withdrawal of the highest limit reached 913 dollars. The reason they chose convenience store is that the security measures are inadequate and the ATM there usually takes foreign credit cards.

Data used to fake credit cards come from the data leak of Standard Bank in South Africa. Credit card holders will not suffer from the loss while the Standard Bank has to bear the loss of drawn money. According to the statistics, the leak has brought 19.25 million dollars loss to Standard Bank. The Japanese side has transferred related video footage and cooperated with international investigation group and Standard Bank in order to arrest the criminals. But none of the suspects are brought to justice so far.

In 2016, the Oplcarus action against banks and financial institutes started by Anonymous has caused huge losses and lead to confidential data leak of several international banks. The recent data leak of Qatar national bank and incident of 81 million dollars loss of Bangladesh central bank are the typical ones. This time’s data leak has once again warned us that leak of bank data will bring inevitable money losses.

In our country, credit card being stolen and used are common occurrences. Stealing credit card data is a key move. WoSign CA suggests all the netizens to keep an eye for private information and important accounts at any time in daily life. Platforms and websites that carry important data of users should take their responsibilities and make every effort to perfect the security measures and protect users’ private data. There is no absolute security in the world of internet. But every step enterprises take add to a new line of defense to hinder the hackers and improve the capability of security precaution.

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