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Set Sail Into the Deep Blue: WoSign 2015 annual review and New Year party were rounded off successfully

On January 30, a bright and beautiful sunny day, the annual review and New Year party themed Set Sail Into the Deep Blue of WoSign CA Limited convened in Qingqing World resort hotel. All staff from WoSign head office of Shenzhen, Hong Kong office and Beijing office has been invited to this event. The success of this annual meeting not only affirmed the achievements WoSign has reached going through all the hardship but also represented WoSign prospect of riding on the crest of success into the coming year.

Set sail

In the annual review meeting, Richard took the lead in delivering a speech, affirming the gains WoSign has made in the last year and showing great confidence in the future development. Then heads of departments and offices summarized work of 2015.

The year of 2015 has witnessed the rapid development of WoSign. With the unremitting efforts and hard work of all company staff, WoSign again won the recognition of the market. We rank second place in market and saleroom hits a record high. We have been awarded the title of National high-tech enterprise. WoSign code signing certificate become the designated kernel signature certificate of Microsoft. There are only 5 qualified CA in the world, among which WoSign is the only one in China. At present, WoSign has been issuing certificates for 188 countries and regions worldwide. In 2015, WoSign reached many achievements and had great confidence in the future.

Richard is talking

Into the deep blue

At half past six, we gathered in the dining hall. Our hosts announced the opening of our grand party. With a group of young girls dancing to the music Oh, the place has been lit up. The programmers prepared a series of dance music drew laughter of all the audience. Scene play called Nirvana in Fire brought the place to a boil. The final dance Open the Door ended the party on a high note.

The award presentations were interspersed during the party. The meritorious newcomers, outstanding staff members, excellent managers and the best team were awarded. The interactive games were seasoned with humor and the Lucky Draw carried unceasing surprises. The dining hall was full of laughter all the time.

Set sail into the deep blue. WoSign is gearing itself up with passion and confidence. We believe that under the leadership of Richard, WoSign will continue to keep rapid development in 2016 with our unremitting efforts and hard work.

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