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New WoSign Certificate System Passed the German Cure53 White-box Security Test

“Establishing a world-class, secure and reliable system” has always been the goal of WoSigners. Based on the requirements specified by Mozilla in October last year, WoSign has invested in Research & Development Department to reestablish the system and redeploy relevant infrastructure at a newly high security level. The development of the new system was completed at the end of May, 2017 and delivered to Cure53, a Security Test Company assigned by Mozilla for a through test including source code audit, on June 5th.

A team of eight senior penetration testers from the Cure53 team performed the assignment, which took an entirety of 40 days to complete. The new system has passed the strict security audit with a positive rating from Cure53.

Detailed reports of all the security issues have been delivered to Mozilla and other browser vendors. The Summary-report is disclosed here. Please click here to download the English version or click here to download the Chinese version translated by us.

We would like to express our gratitude to Dr. Mario Heiderich from Cure53 and his team for their excellence and carefulness in the testing assignment and their selfless and professional supports. In this security test carried out by a world leading security test company, the ability of security coding of our Research & Development Teams has been seen improving in a large scale, which ensures that we continue to provide world-class, secure and reliable system. Meanwhile, our grateful thanks also go to Richard and two Research & Development Teams in our company for their hard work. We are proud of you and your achievements!