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WoSign CA was invited to address speech in the 16th European Forum on Electronic Signature

WoSign CEO Mr. Wang Gaohua was invited to the 16th European Forum on Electronic Signature (EFPE 2016) held in Poland from June 9 to 10 in 2016 and addressed a speech titled “EU-China e-Signature platform – boost for EU economic growth”. Mr. Wang Gaohua introduced to the European peer the mature application in China, WoSignDoc and planned to further develop it to apply in all kinds of digital contract signing of EU-China trade. This would not only save express delivery charge and time for sending paper contract in the traditional mode but also speed up the procedure of EU-China trade, cash flow and the interflow of goods and materials so that EU-China trade and economic growth of Europe and China as well as Chinese economic transition could be promoted rapidly.

EU-China e-Signature platform sincerely invites all European CA that has passed European standard certification and CAs that have China’s electronic certification service permit to jointly promote the application and development of this platform and support USB Key already issued by all CAs to be applied in quick signing of EU-China trade contract which will be legally binding. The project of EU-China e-Signature platform will be supported by both European and Chinese government in order to accelerate the realization of bilateral trade volume reaching one trillion US dollars in 2020. This project has received favorable responses and warm applause of all participants. After the conference, many of the European CA said they would actively take part in this project of EU-China e-Signature platform and jointly promote the development of EU-China cross-border electronic certification service.

European Forum on Electronic Signature (EFPE) is one of the largest-scale international conferences devoting into electronic signature and PKI public key infrastructure. Theme of this year’s 16th EFPE is “Electronic Identification and Trust Services (eIDAS) – a single new advantage of cross-border digital certification market”. It was held in the city of Szczecin in Poland.

There are over 120 participants from 20 countries joining this EFPE conference in 2016, among which are representatives from European Commission, European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), government departments and large organizations using trust services, trust service providers and companies providing software and hardware of electronic signature and electronic certification. The declaration of EFPE 2016 cross-border certification came after the conference, hoping that decision-makers and law-givers of the European Union can consider the suggestions in the conference declaration in future perfection of laws.