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WoSign SSL certificate lands in Aliyun platform

On April 14th, WoSign SSL certificate officially lands in Aliyun platform cloud shield certificate service and becomes the first digital certificate partner of Aliyun platform, teaming up to build the security ecological chain of cloud platform plus HTTPS encryption. WoSign SSL certificate will provide SSL encryption protection of high intensity for Aliyun platform’s users to ensure the security of data transmission among users, application and server, provide key certification for cloud server and establish a more trustful and secured cloud service environment. Previously WoSign has successfully provided SSL certificate service for Microsoft Azure cloud platform and 360 cloud platform.

The megamerger of Aliyun and WoSign CA improves cloud service security

Internet under the HTTP clear text protocol is very insecure with different kinds of website hijacking and data leakage incidents happening a lot. The importance of HTTPS encryption has become a common view of the industry. In order to enhance the security of cloud service, Aliyun announced the introduction of HTTPS encryption solution in April to prevent user’s property and privacy invasion.

The responsible officer of WoSign CA said that the cooperation with Aliyun happened when conditions were ripe. As the leading domestic platform-based cloud service company, Aliyun hopes to find professional partners in different elite industries and provide professional products and service for platform’s users. The professional products, technical strength and industry experience of WoSign CA form the opportunity for cooperation.

WoSign CA has the industry experience of over a decade and the largest market share in Chinese SSL certificate market. More than 30% of domestic HTTPS websites choose WoSign SSL certificate. Besides, the cooperation between WoSign CA and multiple large-scale platforms like Microsoft Azure cloud service and 360 formed mature cooperation and service pattern of cloud platform.

Solution of cloud platform plus HTTPS encryption establishes a new benchmark to cloud service

The complete product line, favorable price and high cost performance of WoSign SSL certificate satisfy all kinds of SSL certificate application needs of Aliyun platform’s users. Four types of WoSign SSL certificate of Aliyun certificate service include EV SSL certificate, OV SSL certificate, DV SSL certificate and free SSL certificate. WoSign CA custom made API interface of SSL certificate for Aliyun and integrated certificate application service into Aliyun platform. Users can apply for WoSign SSL certificate online, submit validation material, manage certificate state, automatically deploy certificate and revoke certificate directly on the Aliyun platform.

Users can deploy SSL certificate in Aliyun products since they are interlinked with Aliyun certificate service and realize HTTPS encryption for cloud service, reduce application time for SSL certificate and reduce the difficulty of implementing HTTPS. This time’s cooperation between Aliyun and WoSign CA will establish new benchmark for domestic cloud service and promote the development of domestic HTTPS encryption service.

International-standard technology and service relieve users of worries

The solid technology, reliable security management system and international-standard response system of WoSign CA win the recognition and the trust of Aliyun. The responsible officer of Aliyun cloud shield said: “Aliyun has strict requirements of the technical strength and service standard upon cooperation partner. We will conduct elaborate inspection of the qualifications, technical strength, market performance, service ability and risk management ability of the cooperation partner beforehand. Having rich experience in technology and service support area, WoSign CA is a rare partner of digital certificate.”

In service response area, WoSign CA owns a professional team of customer service and technical support. All of them have gone through strict training and examination, having great technical service ability and are capable of dealing all kinds of digital certificate problems. Aiming at providing world-class customer service, WoSign CA put forward 7x24-hour service mechanism and ten-minute response requirement in order to solve problems for customers at anytime and anywhere.

In the aspect of operation regulation, WoSign CA has passed the international certification of WebTrust and conducts practical business in the life cycle of certificate service like issuing, managing, revoking, renewing certificate or private key strictly according to the description and statement of CPS.

In the aspect of security protection, WoSign CA has rigorous regulations for physical security, database security, operation security management, system security, personnel security and private key management. We also provide perfect risk underwriting plan.

Integration of expanding industry builds security ecological chain of cloud service

WoSign CA (www.wosign.com) is the largest Chinese independent digital certificate authority, which has passed the international certification of WebTrust and owns license of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. WoSign root certificates are preset into all PC and mobile terminals. Trusted globally, WoSign SSL certificate supports all browsers and mobile terminals.

WoSign CA has been actively promoting the integration of different industries, hoping to popularize HTTPS encryption into all walks of life as the fundamental security service. Industrial leaders of cloud platform like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Aliyun continually start to use HTTPS encryption service. At present, WoSign CA has accumulated rich experience in project implementation in cloud service business and looks forward to build trustful cloud service environment with more and more practicians.