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Security road of fresh food e-commerce: Benlai Life website starts to use WoSign SSL certificate

Well-known internet platform of fresh food e-commerce Benlai Life has started to use WoSign OV ZhenSSL certificate to realize full-site HTTPS encryption, protect data transmission security and verify the real identity of website.

Founded in 2012, Benlai.com, a branch of Beijing Benlai Workshop Technology, is a network-famous fresh food e-commerce brand and has attracted considerable attention from the industry because of its successful marketing of Chu orange in the initial stage. Benlai.com is devoted into the improvement of China’s food security, construction of ecological chain of high-quality food and straight distribution of healthy vegetable and fruit, poultry, egg and milk, rice, grain and oil through cold-chain to the users’ home.

E-commerce platform are facing security problems

Up to now, the business and operation mode of e-commerce platform are tend to be mature. However, the development speed of underground black production with e-commerce platform as its object of attack is alarming as well. Security incidents of traffic hijacking, data leak and phishing fraud emerge in an endless stream. Various fraud patterns of e-commerce make it impossible for consumers to defend effectively. The pecuniary loss of users and the impairment of businesses’ reputation have brought great trouble to e-commerce industry and users.

The limitation of HTTP protocol is one of the important factors behaviors of traffic hijacking, data leak and phishing fraud can realize. HTTP protocol cannot encrypt transmitted information or verify the server identity and data integrity. Users’ private information of real name, phone number and family/company address is exposed in clear text on the internet. It can be intercepted, modified or used by hackers at any time when it flows through intermediate nodes of router, Wi-Fi and carrier operator.

Full-site HTTPS encryption is the security road of Benlai.com

As a known fresh food e-commerce platform, Benlai.com always regards security as its primary principle in the aspects of both food security protection and users’ private information protection. To protect users’ privacy, Benlai.com starts to use WoSign OV ZhenSSL certificate to enable full-site HTTPS encryption, ensuring users’ information of every single transaction and browse data is encrypted through HTTPS before being transmitted to the server. Security and integrity of real information of users, account and password, payment account, transaction record and other sensitive information are protected. Meanwhile, website server will be verified so that users can distinguish the real identity of the website from the information presented in the SSL certificate and avoid entering phishing sites.

WoSign OV ZhenSSL certificate is the type of enterprise validation with the strongest expanding ability and the widest application scope and supports mixed type of domain. This kind of certificates can bind 100 subdomains in one certificate with no limitation of severs’ number and strong expanding ability. It can flexibly be applied in all business expanding needs of e-commerce platform.

The trend of full-site HTTPS encryption in e-commerce platform

After e-commerce platform like Taobao and Tmall starting to use full-site HTTPS encryption, this practice has put industrial doubts of full-site HTTPS transform and plays an active part in the improvement of full-site HTTPS transform. The difficulty of full-site HTTPS transform lies in performance and compatibility. But practice has shown that access performance actually improves after full-site HTTPS encryption is enabled and function is optimized. As the representative of vertical e-commerce, the successful practice of Benlai.com will influence more businesses and full-site HTTPS encryption transform will be the inexorable trend for e-commerce platform.

WoSign CA helps with the security upgrade of e-commerce platform

WoSign CA is a reliable certificate authority that has gained the international certification of WebTrust and the license of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, meeting the Chinese standards and international standards. Supporting all browsers and mobile terminals with strong compatibility, WoSign globally-trusted SSL certificate has now been providing services for many well-known internet e-commerce brands such as Dangdang.com and Sunning. According to Netcraft, WoSign SSL certificate’s market share ranks in the first place in Chinese market. One third of domestic SSL users choose WoSign SSL certificate. We believe WoSign SSL certificate will help increasing e-commerce platforms realize security upgrade and provide a more trustful internet environment for users.