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Mao-tai cloud providers’ platform starts to use WoSign SSL certificate to protect site management system

Maotai cloud providers’ platform, a branch of Guizhou Maotai Groups, has started to use WoSign OV ZhenSSL certificate to protect its website management system and related subdomains.

Road of electronic commerce of the national wine Maotai

Guizhou Maotai Groups is world-renowned for the China’s time-honored brand Maotai, which enjoys the good reputation of the national wine. Guizhou Maotai Groups E-commerce Co Ltd is the subsidiary of Maotai Groups founded with the aim of transition from traditional marketing model towards internet marketing. As the only official online provider of Maotai Groups, it is responsible for the online sales of wine products under Maotai Groups, operating online store and starting to build the networking cloud provider platform of Maotai Groups which integrates marketing models of B2B, B2C, O2O and P2P in one in 2015.

The networking cloud provider platform of Maotai Groups devotes into the establishment of the marketing system in coordination with both online and offline services. As the big platform, it integrates resources of the Groups and all subsidiaries as well as logistics company, distributor (speciality stores), salesman and customer, pulling together online and offline channels and realizing the flattening of distribution channel. It encourages distributors to connect with internet and realize online shopping. Service system of over 2000 distributors’ preference of nearest delivery will directly connect with consumers combined with speciality stores and electronic commerce. In other words, Maotai cloud provider platform is not only an online shopping platform but also a new ecosystem combined with offline channel management and distribution.

HTTPS escorts the transition of the China’s time-honored brand

The website background management system is a sensitive system conducting operations to the platform involved with users’ information, orders information, distribution information and other users’ data as well as the management data of distributors’ accumulated points system and traceable anti-counterfeiting system. In the internet environment of traffic hijacking and data interception happening frequently, it has become the industrial common view to use HTTPS encryption. HTTPS provides three functions, content encryption, identity validation and data integration, to effectively prevent data from being monitored, intercepted or modified, provide server identification and avoid middleman attack through TLS layer and certificate mechanism.

Maotai cloud provider platform was very discreet when choosing SSL certificate product after the decision of deploying HTTPS encryption mechanism. The security performance of the certificate should be guaranteed and it has to present strong compatibility. Also, the certificate provider should be in compliance with the law. SSL certificate products of WoSign applies the most advanced encryption algorithm and grade in the world with its PKI certificate system and OCSP system being stable for over a decade. It also has strict regulations in different aspects of physical security, database security, operation security management, system security, personnel security and private key management to ensure the security of SSL certificate. WoSign CA has passed the international certification of WebTrust and gained the license of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Its SSL certificate supports all browsers and mobile terminals.

After strict test and comparisons, WoSign SSL certificate became the first choice of Maotai cloud provider platform. Because of the rapid development of cloud provider platform service and the expanding needs of future businesses, WoSign CA recommends OV ZhenSSL certificate which supports 100 subdomains, laying the foundation of future business expand.

About WoSign

WoSign CA (www.wosign.com) is a globally-trusted certificate authority with rapid development in Chinese SSL certificate market in recent years. WoSign’s market share comes in the first place from the third place just in one year and has become the most competitive Chinese brand in the field of SSL certificate. With the trend of manufacturing giants embracing the internet, WoSign CA has assisted with SSL certificate products the famous enterprises like Galanz and Joyoung of small household appliance industry, Changan Ford and GMAC-SAIC of automotive industry to realize the foundational network security establishment and protect confidential information of the company as well as private information of users.