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Coolyun, subordinate of Coolpad, starts to use WoSign SSL certificate

Recently, the cloud service platform Coolyun, subordinate of Coolpad, starts to use WoSign OV ZhenSSL certificate in its important sites of official website, the login page and payment platform interface to realize HTTPS encryption and trusted identity authentication.

Secure encryption is the premise of the integration of terminal cloud service

Coolpad is an internationally-recognized corporation with over 2 decades’ experience of the research and development of smartphone, the subordinate Coolyun of which is the cloud storage service exclusively for Coolpad smartphone. It can synchronize the contacts, calendar, texts, call records, photos and notes in the phone to the cloud end. In the future, Coolpad cloud will store all the mobile digital life data for users.

The biggest premise of synchronizing all the data to the cloud from the terminal is to be equipped with perfect security entrenchment mechanism so that user’s privacy can be protected. On the basis of years of accumulation of security technologies, Coolyun has advantage in personal information security. It applies advanced cloud certification technology combined with SSL, MD5, AES and other encryption technologies to ensure the security of user’s account, data transmission and data storage in the cloud, using multiple encryption algorithms aiming at different types of data. SSL transport layer encryption is the most fundamental security arrangement in cloud security, which on one had secure data transmission and one the other hand ensured the identity of the server is trusted.

Choose OV ZhenSSL certificate to secure data transmission

Coolyun has chosen WoSign OV ZhenSSL certificate this time to apply in its important web sites like official website, login page and payment platform interface. Coolyun login page uses SSL encryption to transmit user’s account number and password to prevent from being stolen by middleman and uses certificate to present website identity certification information. It also uses SSL encryption in its payment platform interface to make sure information of every transaction is transmitted to the server encrypted and the bank account, password, transaction record and other sensitive information of user are secured.

WoSign OV ZhenSSL certificate is the OV SSL certificate of enterprise authentication. It is the SSL certificate of the highest expanding nature, the wildest applicable range and the highest economic practicality. It is supportive of adding domains at any time. Therefore, OV ZhenSSL certificate is very suitable for large enterprise to deploy in its email system.

The key of choosing SSL certificate is the service support

After rigorous product tests, the product performance and service quality of WoSign SSL certificate have won the recognition of Coolyun team, who used to use foreign SSL certificate brand in early phase. They decided to replace it with WoSign SSL certificate this time for the reasons that on one hand, WoSign CA is the largest Chinese independent certificate authority which has passed the international certification of WebTrust and gained the license of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, on the other hand WoSign provides localized 7x24 hours support service. Besides, users of other certificate brands can get a special offer when replace it with WoSign SSL certificate to lower the cost of certificate deployment. The special offer of two-for-one deal of replacement is long-term effective. We welcome customers to purchase WoSign certificate.