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The link submission tool of Baidu stationmaster platform has upgraded; JS code notification supports HTTPS website

Recently, Baidu stationmaster platform issued the announcement that the link submission tool has been upgraded. After this, JS automatic notification tool can support the automatic notification of HTTPS website. Full text of the announcement is below.

Dear site administrator:

In order to provide a secure and trustful internet environment for users, there has been another upgrade of the link submission tool. After this upgrade, the automatic notification function will support HTTPS website. The automatic notification JS code of the new version’s link submission will support both HTTP and HTTPS websites.

If HTTP sites do not have plan of upgrading to HTTPS, they can keep their original code without adjustment.

Automatic notification JS code is the lightweight discreteness of link submission introduced by Baidu stationmaster platform. Stationmaster only needs to put this JS code in the source code of every page in this site and the page link will be automatically sent to Baidu when this web page is being accessed so that a new page can be found by Baidu more quickly.

The JS automatic notification tool of Baidu stationmaster platform was officially put into use in November 2015. Websites can realize the effect of new page being notified to Baidu while being accessed after the deployment of JS code.

Installation tutorial of JS automatic notification code

Following JS code should be included in the HTML code of every web page. When a page is being accessed, Baidu will automatically be notified with its link. Specific details are as follows:



var bp = document.createElement('script');

bp.src = '//push.zhanzhang.baidu.com/push.js';

var s = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];

s.parentNode.insertBefore(bp, s);



If you use website developed with PHP language, you can operate according to the following steps:

1. Create a file named “baidu_js_push.php”, the content of which is the above-mentioned JS code;

2. Add a line of code after <body>in every PHP template page file:

<?php include_once("baidu_js_push.php") ?>

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