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Every one out of three certificates is issued by WoSign CA in Chinese SSL certificate market

According to the latest statistical report of Netcraft, the amount of SSL certificates issued by WoSign CA has reached a record high. WoSign still ranks the top in China’s market of SSL certificate and leads the increasing advantage. Compare this July with last year’s October, market share of WoSign SSL certificate has a substantial growth and exceeds one third. In other words, every one out of three certificates is issued by WoSign CA in Chinese SSL certificate market.

wosign market share in china

Homebred WoSign SSL certificate has surpassed certificate of foreign brands in performance

Many Chinese users awareness of domestic certificates was still stuck in the past before. They didn’t know that there was already-existed Chinese CA who can completely replace foreign one. WoSign SSL certificate has opened a wedge in the monopoly environment of foreign giants and rapidly grown into the top Chinese SSL certificate brand, making it possible for more users to learn that technical strength and products performance of domestic certificate have surpassed foreign brands. Users are given more choices.

Homebred WoSign SSL certificate is more dependable than foreign certificate

Although WoSign PKI/CA system has passed the strict international audit of WebTrust five years in a row, some western users still doubt Chinese CA. To make clear that WoSign is reliable CA to domestic and foreign users, WoSign CA takes the lead in introducing certificate transparency in all SSL certificates. WoSign accepts the supervision of global users and ensures the issuance process is transparent as well as reliable. There is no foreign CA that has made the promise of certificate transparency to this extent. At present, WoSign SSL certificate has provided services for over 200 countries and regions worldwide and is widely commented.

Continual optimizing of products and services set the example of Chinese SSL certificate brand

Growth in market share is the best embodiment of user trust. The achievement of WoSign SSL certificate ranking the top in China’s market can’t do without user choices and trust. WoSign CA will continue to optimize products and services, allowing users to get HTTPS encryption and SSL certification services in a faster and more convenient way. We will introduce more free tools and products for users and take the responsibility of internet security infrastructure construction.

About WoSign

WoSign (www.wosign.com) is the largest Chinese independent CA brand that has passed the international certification of WebTrust and gained the permit of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. WoSign CA provides digital certificate products like SSL certificate, code signing certificate, client certificate based on PKI technology with its root certificate preset in all global PC and mobile terminals. WoSign products have strong universal property and support Chinese language better.