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WoSign nationwide toll-free hotline : 4006-WOSIGN is ready for you now

In order to provide high quality pre-sales and after-sales service for customers, WoSign today setup a national toll-free hotline : 4006 - WOSIGN , so welcome to call us for free to inquiry and buy digital certificate products!

800 toll-free number is very popular in Europe and the United States, China also opened 800 phone service, but the billing problems between different carriers made it impossible for users to dial 800 phone number in mobile phone, so it launched the 400 toll-free number that caller pay for local fee, and the recipient pay for the long distance call fee. China Telecom launched the beginning of the 4008 numbers, and China Netcom launched the beginning of 4006 numbers.

WoSign 400 toll-free number is 4006-967-446, perhaps you would ask why WoSign website say "toll-free hotline: 4006 - WOSIGN ", we should introduce the Europe and the United States toll-free culture, I believe you will understand why regular telephones are printed on the 26 English letters after you read the following introduction, and you will remember WoSign toll-free service hotline number immediately.

Please visit IBM website that you can find IBM Shopping assistance: 1-888-SHOP-IBM, there are other service hotline at 1-800-IBM-4YOU, 1-800-IBM-3383, and go to HP website that you can see its service hotline : 800-HP invent and 800-OK Compaq. Perhaps you do not understand, but people in Europe and the United States can understand: 1-888-SHOP-IBM's actual numbers is 1-888-7467-426, because every phone button has 3-5 letters, such as button "2" button have the letters "ABC". So when you press the button on the phone by 1-888-SHOP - IBM, the fact is by 1-888-7467-426. This will not only facilitate the customers remember the toll-free service hotline number, but also benefit to the promotion of enterprise brand.

Now, you can press 4006-WOSIGN in your phone, equal to press number 4006-967-446, is it easy for you to remember WoSign toll-free service hotline? If you need to any help, please press 4006-WOSIGN on any telephone (fixed and mobile), then you can get a warmly welcome and full support.

Meanwhile, WoSign launch the customer service center website: www.4006wosign.com, particularly for the design of customer service, customers will greatly facilitate rapid access to a variety of digital certificate product information and technical support information.