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Shenzhen cloud computing center chose WoSign SSL certificate to protect Pengyun public service platform security

National supercomputing Shenzhen center (Shenzhen cloud computing center) Pengyun public service platform starts to use WoSign SSL certificate to protect data transmission security.

Subordinate to Shenzhen technology innovation committee, the national supercomputing Shenzhen center (Shenzhen cloud computing center) is one of the six national supercomputing centers. In recent years, the center has been working on building Shenzhen cloud service public service platform (Pengyun), taking full advantage of supercomputing center’s resources and providing secured virtual cyberspace and various cloud application services for government, enterprise and institute, families and individuals. At present, Pengyun public service platform has established and run cloud programs of government, health and education, covering over 1.5 million of population and different organizations.

Security, compatibility, compliance and controllability

In recent years, data leak incidents of e-government and public service websites as well as network monitoring of foreign institutes have emerged frequently, which has drawn high attention from the nation towards internet security. “There will be no national security without internet security; there will be no modernization without informatization.” As an important public service platform, Shenzhen cloud computing center regards cloud security as the prior measure. In answer to the important spirit of central network security and information technology leading group, Pengyun public service platform provides full-scale, independent and controllable security protection of users’ data and privacy.

In the aspect of SSL certificate application, Pengyun public service platform puts forward strict demands that on one hand self-signed certificate used in intranet application era to realize HTTPS encryption should be replaced with globally-trusted SSL certificate to ensure the compatibility of browser and mobile device, on the other hand compliance with the regulations and controllability of security products should be protected as it is an important public service platform involved with government affairs, education and health.

WoSign SSL certificate meets the needs of Pengyun on all aspects

Product performance, qualifications compliance with the regulations, industrial experiences and market share make WoSign CA the spotlight of this model selection. WoSign CA has industrial experiences of digital certificate for over a decade. We have passed the international certification of WebTrust and been keeping up with internationally-advanced PKI technology. We apply world-leading encryption algorithm and grade to ensure the security performance of the product and have passed certification of Mozilla, Chrome, Microsoft and Android. Our root certificates have been preset into all browsers and mobile devices. In addition, the market share of WoSign SSL certificate has outnumbered foreign brands and come in the first place according to international authority Netcraft.

After strict investigations of product, qualification, industrial experience and market share, Pengyun public service platform finally chose WoSign OV ZhenSSL certificate for data transmission encryption and server validation. WoSign OV ZhenSSL certificate supports 100 subdomains to be bound to one certificate and has strong expanding ability, which can satisfy the business expanding needs of Pengyun in the future.

About WoSign CA

WoSign CA (www.wosign.com) is a globally-trusted certificate authority that has obtained international certification of WebTrust and the license of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, conforming to both China’s and international standards. WoSign has become the first choice for many administration institutes, state-run institutions and government public service websites to deploy SSL certificate. WoSign has now been providing SSL products and services and protecting private data of citizens for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Taxation Bureau of Hubei Province, Fujian Provincial Government, Shenzhen housing fund management center, Shenzhen social insurance services and China Communication Institue.